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Over 20 years' experience in creating enjoyable games 

for reading, spelling and numeracy

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Wordshark is a powerful teaching tool for school and home. It is suitable for a wide age range but is mostly used with students aged 5-15. Wordshark combines the excitement of over 60 games with the task of learning to read and spell and is particularly good for students with SEN such as Dyslexia.  

NS 5 cover


Numbershark offers a fun and effective way for students aged 5-15 to improve their numeracy at school and at home. It is particularly good for children with Dyscalculia but equally benefits any student working on addition, subtraction, multiplication, percentages, fractions or decimals!

 Structured programs that are easy to use
 Based on the National Curriculum - plus other courses 
Adaptable to suit ALL abilities
Especially helpful for students with Dyslexia, SEN & EAL 
Delivering great results
Tried and tested in more than 10,000 schools
Students enjoy using the programs!