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Wordshark & Numbershark – 23 years’ experience combining

structured learning with motivation – tried & tested!

wordshark 5 DVD cover

   For reading and spelling

Wordshark is a major teaching resource for schools and home use. It combines the excitement of games with the serious task of learning to read and spell.  

NS 5 cover

    For numeracy

Numbershark is a program to help anyone improve their numeracy. It addresses many of the difficulties which lead students to dislike maths. 

SEN Hall of Fame

Responding to a story about a reduction in SEN teachers, we asked on social media 'What’s your reason for working in SEN'? Tell us!


“I really, really, absolutely love my job. Love it when they can see the progress they have made. Wordshark under pins their enjoyment of learning.”

Kerry Hardstaff

"For me, being a specialist dyslexia teacher is a work of heart. It enables me to help dyslexic children, teens and adults to have a more positive experience in education or the workplace, as well as develop their strengths and achieve their full potential."


“It’s hugely rewarding to be able to diagnose the difficulty accurately, remedy it and then see the student succeed and move ahead.”

Ruth Savery