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Version '5' is the current version and will run on a Windows (10/8/7) computer & MAC (OSX 10.7-10.12)  (not suitable for iPads)





Wordshark £114

Numbershark £102 

Discount when buying both!


Wordshark £90 

Numbershark £78

Discount when buying both! 


Wordshark £90 



Numbershark £78

  • A fully portable licence (program and student records saved on the USB)
  • Suitable if program needs to be used on various different computers 

  • For use on a single computer but can be deactivated to move the program to a different computer  
  • Note: the licence is not generated automatically - we will email your licence details by 5pm weekdays


  • The DVD has to be in the drive during use 
  • Student records and your own word lists are kept on the computer        




  • DVDs/USBs:  Despatched with an introductory manual the next working day 
  • DOWNLOADS:  You will receive an email from by next working day containing a download link and your 'Activation Key' code. An introductory manual will also be despatched by post.